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Why I'm running for Grand Marshal

I first joined Senate in Spring of 2018, in which I was appointed as the Senate’s Parliamentarian. My main duty was to enforce Robert’s Rules of Order and to oversee a speaking queue to ensure that each member and guest at a Senate meeting has an equal opportunity to express their opinion. Not long after, in December of 2018, I was appointed as a Class of 2021 Senator. In this position, I chose to join the Facilities and Services Committee (FSC) as well as the Hospitality Services Advisory Committee (HSAC). Within FSC, I worked on the Public Safety subcommittee, where our main duty was to communicate student opinion regarding safety issues with the Department of Public Safety, as well as methods to more effectively communicate with students. We also organized meet and greets so that students could interact with officers on a personal level. I joined HSAC and contributed by providing feedback for plans for the large-scale Commons Dining Hall renovation. These projects really opened my eyes to the work that student government could accomplish while collaborating with the administration.

During my second term as Senator, I continued with FSC and also joined the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). Within AAC, I led a study spaces project, in which I plotted all current study areas utilized by students. The next step of this project was to brainstorm other locations on campus that could be benefitted by having designated study spaces, which will eventually be put to proposal. Working on this project allowed me to understand how to initialize and carry out projects for the campus community.

As Vice Grand Marshal, part of my duties include overseeing six of the Senate's operating committees, addressing petitions on the RPI Union Petitions website, and assisting the Grand Marshal in any other necessary duties. This term, I have also worked with the Faculty Senate Executive Council, and by extension the Faculty Senate, to propose different methods of reducing stress among students due to the lack of days off during this Spring semester. While the Institute calendar was unable to be adjusted, I am happy to have worked with the Faculty Senate and have understood the concern that they have towards students’ wellbeing. On an individual and department level, the Faculty Senate has encouraged the implementation of methods along the lines of either individually chosen days off or a period of time with a reduced workload. Throughout my term as Vice Grand Marshal, I’ve gained a unique insight into the daily responsibilities required of the Grand Marshal and understand the available resources that I can use to achieve goals.

I’m running for Grand Marshal because throughout my time on Senate, I have personally witnessed the impact that student government has on our campus and community. I believe that the best way to continue with this effort is to achieve a partnership with the administration to ensure equal collaboration to mutually benefit both parties and to see to it that student’s needs are met. As Grand Marshal, I promise to hold myself and others accountable for these responsibilities.

GM Week voting will take place on March 25th. I encourage each of you to vote and have your voices heard, as that is what is truly important in student advocacy.

- Colleen Corrigan

My Platform

Advocacy & Student Support

Proactive representation for constituents.

Communication & Collaboration

Effective communication between students and administrators.

Student Rights

A student-run future.

Support for Greek Initiatives

Promote and strengthen an active community.

Inclusivity for Underrepresented Groups

Fair initiatives for all students.

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